August 2022 Needs


ACES is in need of the following items:


Oatmeal (smaller containers preferred)
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables (all except corn)
Canned meat (chicken, spam, salmon, etc.)
Canned soup (all except cream based)
Boxed potatoes (smaller containers preferred)
Children’s Clothing:
Boy’s shoes (all sizes)
Boy’s Underwear (size 10)
Girl’s Underwear (sizes 2 – 3) and (sizes 16 – 18)
Boy’s Socks (large sizes, 3 – 9)
Boy’s and Girl’s Pajamas (sizes 10 – 18)
Diaper’s (sizes 5 and 6)
Adult Clothing:
Men’s Boxer Briefs (all sizes)
Men’s Athletic Shoes (all sizes)
Men’s Undershirts (sizes M – XL)
Women’s Underwear (sizes 6 – 8)
Feminine Hygiene Products
Thank you for your support!